We make serious things fun.

We focus on art and accessible technology, with a nostalgic eye toward the weird web. We make serious things fun. When you work with BonkeyBong you’re gaining the right experience with the right attitude.

What we do

You’re on vacation and you’ve decided to go rock climbing.
You decide to tempt fate and free solo, envisioning your name on the big screen in this year’s new hit documentary…
what-we-do_illo what-we-do_illo
...your partner slaps you
and then...You have a great little adventure, take some memorable photos, and you both leave with a little crush on your friendly climbing guide. Plus, you get to live to go on more vacations.
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Who we are

BonkeyBong began as a social gathering for a group of creative individuals to converse and play together. In a matter of months, it transformed into the corporate behemoth you have before you. Through reputation and force, BonkeyBong took on very important projects for the likes of REDACTED (an awesome NGO located in Seattle), REDACTED (an entertainment division of a giant telco), and the NYU School of Medicine (we were able to print this client’s name).

Previously, the members of the Bonkey team led product strategy and the creation of REDACTED (a giant coffee company in Seattle)’s learning management platform and digital training, helped develop REDACTED (a giant search company)’s global learning content, and developed the first open government website/initiative in the launch of REDACTED.GOV (FCC.GOV, lol).

Officially, BonkeyBong is We Four:

  • Jay Contonio Jay Contonio
  • Claire Brown Claire Brown
  • Dirk Heniges Dirk Heniges
  • JJ Idt JJ Idt

We’re a friendly bunch, who like making software. Our past and future is creating beautiful, usable, API driven applications.