Our story...

You’re not supposed to name your company BonkeyBong. We did – it’s silly, and maybe it’ll make you smile! Our name both embodies who we are and reminds us that while we may be working on important projects, we don't want to take ourselves too seriously. There's a lot more to life than pushing bits and pixels.

BonkeyBong was founded in 2017, but our team has worked together for more than a decade. After years of developing client relationships and building amazing products with other folks, we decided we could further improve processes on our own while creating a workplace that makes us proud.

We’re creating and maintaining a culture of transparency, trust, fun, and pride. We believe these four things combined with great work provides the best kind of work environment. We place heavy importance on repeat customers and long-term relationships. But like any relationship – long or short – we want to leave you with a positive impression.

Our services



Dirk Heniges


Dirk has led a variety of technical teams over the last decade. He was a lead developer for the relaunch of FCC.gov, and most recently led a small team that developed a Learning Management System used by Starbucks for training new baristas across the US and Canada. Dirk brings a pragmatism to the duo, helping teams run smoothly while ensuring products ship on time. He has worn many hats in his extensive startup experience — from API-designer and system architect to various devops roles. He has experience in the healthcare, learning, and online advertising domains.


Jay Contonio


Jay has led award-winning design and development teams, focusing on product accessibility and simplicity. He was the Design Director at Seabourne while relaunching FCC.gov in addition to creating My.FCC. More recently, he was Technical Director at Mindspace where he developed both the team and the build strategy to develop a modern Learning Management Platform in partnership with Starbucks. Jay has worn many hats while working with some of the best brands in the world — from advertising campaigns to complex web applications, with a focus on front-end development and user experience.

A growing list of team goals

  • Help new employees & contractors grow their careers
  • Create and sustain a diverse group of employees
  • Foster a supportive, enjoyable work environment for everyone
  • Have constructive processes to take feedback and implement changes
  • Help all employees achieve a good work/life balance.
We’re looking to add to our team of contractors.
Interested? Send us your rates and availability along with links to your Github profile and work history.

Our client experience

  1. Starbucks
  2. FedEx
  3. Google
  4. NBC Sports
  5. World Resource Institute
  6. Hyatt
  7. Federal Communications Commission
  8. FedRAMP
  9. Wells Fargo
  10. Regence health insurance